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        Founded in 2004, Nantong Huihan Electronics Co., Ltd. is located at Pingchao Town.  Covering an area of ??about 18,000 square meters, Huihan is a high-tech company integrating resources, scientific research and production. Huihan has laid a solid foundation for winning market competition with its complete hardware facilities: departmental structure: general manager,  factory department, technology research and development department, quality assurance department, manufacturing department, accounting department and equipment section. In terms of staffing: there are 35 employees, including 6 managers and 50% of technicians. Our equipment mainly includes dozens of stainless steel reaction kettles and enamel reaction kettles, two sets of liquid ammonia buffer eq uipment, one set of resin exchange water making equipment, two sets of large-scale drying equipment, in spection department and laboratory equipment. In order to decrease emissions, we invested in a fully aut omatic programmable smokeless boiler.

        All production processes of our products are carried out in strict ac cordance with the production process. Thus the quality of our product s is guaranteed to meet the requirements of national standards and ent erprise standards. Now, we produce more than forty specifications of pr oducts, which are attributed to three major sections: one, working elec trolyte for capacitors; two, Ammonium Adipate, Boric Acid, etc. for alumi num foil formation industry; third, electrolyte additives; with the intro duction of new products such as energy-saving lamp electrolytes and Ammoniu m Hypophosphite, Huihan has successfully occupied a solid position in the f ield of electronic chemicals.

        In the past few years, Huihan has kept pace with the times and actively responded to the call of the state. With the premise of "energy-saving and emission-reduction" and the development policy of "exploitation,  truth-seeking, perfection and transcendence", we constantly develop new tech nologies for the electronics industry and strive to make a new contribution to the electronics industry. 

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